Imagine a world where everyday things are connected to the web and interact with people and other things.

We see a future of connected products and services. ioBridge was created out of our love of connecting things and the search for inventing new things. We are inspired by the community of developers that keep surprising us with amazing projects and the customers that create amazing products and services based on our technology.

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About ioBridge, Inc.

We specialize in making it simple and cost-effective to Internet-enable devices and products for manufacturers, professionals and casual users. By providing all of the components necessary to Web-enable things, ioBridge's customers avoid the complexity and cost associated with piecing together solutions from multiple vendors. ioBridge was founded to help make the Internet of Things a reality by making it easy and cost-effective to connect things together. We see a future of useful interactions with things and finding the meaningful data that exists all around us.


Our ideas lead us to create a complete end-to-end platform that is secure, private, and scalable for everything from DIY home projects to commercial products and professional applications worldwide. We are growing very quickly and get a kick out of the diversity of applications that are being created with our technology and services.


ioBridge, Inc. was founded in 2008 and then selected by ReadWriteWeb and the New York Times as a Top 10 Internet of Things Product of 2009 and CEA's 5 Technology Trends to Watch in 2010. We are based in the US with a team of creative individuals providing expertise in engineering, application and web development. We strive to produce cost-effective, easy-to-use solutions and services for electronics projects and commercial products accessible by individuals of all skill levels.


Our Internet of things platform is an end-to-end solution connecting users with environmental data collected by sensors, controlling devices via the Internet, and building projects, products and services. Our customizable technology allows for rapid integration into professional applications. It's a big vision, but we love big ideas.




ioBridge core technologies are covered under patents #8,271,629, #9,497,261, #9,497,272, and other patents pending since December 2008. "ioBridge®" is a registered trademark by ioBridge, Inc and first used in commerce April 2008. "IO-204™" is a trademark of ioBridge first used in commerce December 2008. "™" is a trademark of ioBridge first used in commerce October 2009. "ThingSpeak™" is a trademark of ioBridge first used in commerce November 2009. "Gamma™" is a trademark of ioBridge first used in commerce June 2011. "ioApp™" is a trademark of ioBridge and first used in commerce December 2011.



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How the 'internet of things' could radically change local government

From smart meters for monitoring housing stock to how councils can make best use of the data they manage, the article from the Guardian opened our eyes to the possibilities of a better-connected local government. Geosyntec and ioBridge have partnered to tackle smart city and water infrastructure initiatives.
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The Future of M2M is Real-time and Low-cost

In a recent article from the Yankee Group, Parlez-vous M2M?, Emily Green includes ideas about where M2M is going and some input from Dr. Robert Mawrey, the CEO of ioBridge. She also mentions how ioBridge “internet-enabled” a cranberry bog. Emily will be releasing a follow-up interview with Dan Luechauer, a cranberry bog owner, who has a completely automated, remotely controlled and monitored cranberry bog via ioBridge technology.
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