Technology and services for Manufacturers.

Whether you are a manufacturer, professional or casual user, ioBridge makes it easy and cost-effective for everyone to Internet-enable almost anything. Since ioBridge's technology is general purpose, applications of our technology are very diverse.

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ioBridge for Manufactures


ioBridge licenses technology to manufacturers to internet-enable their products. Manufacturers typically evaluate the capability of ioBridge's technology by using our off-the-shelf products to create prototypes. After validating the success of the prototype, ioBridge then works with manufacturers to customize our technology to meet their requirements.


ioBridge iota Wi-Fi and Ethernet Modules


ioBridge iota™ Series for Manufacturers


The ioBridge iota enables anything to become connected to Internet services and interactive. The "iota" is powered by the ioBridge Cloud -- -- making everything interactive and smart for low-cost and high-scale applications. A connected product is more than just hardware, it's the cloud services and applications behind the hardware. ioBridge has tightly integrated cloud technology + hardware making it the most complete end-to-end solution for manufactures and OEMs.


» Install as hardware module, firmware, or gateway. The iota design is able to be installed as a prepackaged hardware module or ported to your existing platform using firmware. The iota also powers gateways to allow connectivity to many devices.


» Low-cost design. Everything from the hardware, licensing, and cloud services are extremely low for products of any scale. It's important to note that development costs for you and your team are lowered by making it easy to integrate with your platform or for creating new ones.


» Wi-Fi or Ethernet SMD Hardware Modules. When using our drop-in hardware modules, you get immediate connectivity to 99% of home network routers and typical business networks using high encryption and secure tunneling to and from web services.



Why use ioBridge?


We have a vision of connected products and services and a suite of technologies that seamlessly integrate with cloud services and enable the "Internet of Things". By working with ioBridge you are leveraging experience and intellectual property while keeping ahead of your competition.


» Fast speed to market. ioBridge's core technology has taken many person years to develop and refine and would involve significant time and resources to develop in-house. The technology is patent-pending and includes a host of unique features.


» Bring novel products and services to market. Your Idea or Existing Product + ioBridge means that you can bring a new product and service to market, maintain a competitive edge, create a new class of service, revenue stream, and product opportunity for your business. We have enabled thousands of customers and well established companies from all over the world to develop prototypes and products. Just fill in your product or idea and get started today.


» Low-cost reference designs. The ability to use low-cost microcontrollers ($3-$4 range) rather than much higher cost processors required for Linux and other operating systems typically required for similar functionality offered by ioBridge's technology. If you have an existing product with operating system and network connectivity, we can add instant cloud services with our embedded client.

» Highly scalable cloud technology with very low operating cost per device in high volumes. ioBridge's servers are able to accommodate 100,000 to 1,000,000 devices per server depending on the application. This equates to a very low cost per device that is highly competitive versus standalone embedded web server.


» Technology that enables ease of installation and operation. Typically no firewall or network changes are required in order to install and operate our devices and this would pass on to your product and service created with ioBridge technology. This decreases installation and support costs. For long-term maintenance, our platform also includes remote firmware updates, push notifications, and support software to integrate with your existing help desk procedures.

» Technology that is secure. ioBridge's technology has been used by customers throughout the world and uses 128 bit encryption from cloud service to devices.

» Customizable in every way. You have access to the ioBridge Cloud API if required to integrate with other systems and to develop custom extensions or applications.


To get started, you are welcome to evaluate our development kits or contact us today. We respect the sensitivity of your application and keep customer projects confidential.




ioBridge for Professionals


ioBridge offers a line of products and services specifically for professionals. The flexibility and capability of our off-the-shelf modules and services enable professional customers to implement sophisticated internet-enabled monitoring, control and logging solutions without having to write custom software and develop custom web pages. Applications can also be developed in-house or by ioBridge on top of ioBridge's web technology to provide a completely custom solution.


Custom Application Development

ioBridge offers custom application development services that range from simple enhancements of our standard features to completely new user interfaces developed for the web as well as devices such as the iPhone, iPad and Android.


Access to iAquaLink on any Device


Custom Hardware Design and Development

ioBridge offers custom hardware design and development services that range from modifications and enhancements to our off-the-shelf modules to design of completely new circuits to internet enable products. Some of our capabilities include, integration with third party protocols and sensors, real-time video, and Wi-Fi and other RF communication.


ioBridge can take your projects from prototype to product.


Application Hosting

ioBridge's off-the-shelf products come with free dashboard technology that is hosted by ioBridge. For our larger customers, ioBridge offers licensing of our server technology with the option to have the servers hosted and managed by ioBridge as a Software-as-a-Service.