Products to internet-enable things easily and cost-effectively.

Whether you are a manufacturer, professional or casual user, ioBridge's technology is designed to make it cost effective and easy for everyone to internet-enable almost anything.

Cloud Services


Included with every web gateway, ioBridge provides a free Personal web interface with a configurable monitoring and control dashboard used to display sensor and device data and to control devices remotely. One or more web gateways may be associated with a web interface. The web interface provides simple wizards to configure the operation of one or more gateways without writing any software. The configuration options range from something as simple a remote temperature sensing and logging to more sophisticated applications such as the monitoring and control of a solar heating system.


In addition to the Free personal dashboard, ioBridge offers a professional dashboard options and mobile interfaces for the iPhone, iPad, and Android that are tailored to meet the needs of customers with a large number of gateways and customers of their own.


Dashboard for ioBridge


Other features of ioBridge Cloud Services:


» Drag-and-drop Configuration

» Expression Builder to create custom scaling for sensors

» Enterprise-grade Site Management Software

» Help Desk Functionality to Support your Products and Services

» Integration with third-party billing for subscription billing (coming soon) Infrastructure for the Internet of Things


We created to be an instant communications link between devices and applications. Our platform is leading the architecture for the Internet of Things by leveraging real-time web services and cloud technologies. is designed from the ground up and solving a lot of issues with building wireless sensor networks, M2M, and remote control and monitoring applications. enables the suite of technologies that ioBridge licenses to companies looks to build next generation products and services. is just not another platform for the Internet of Things. We see problems with solutions all around us and we have focused on three major requirements for the next steps in building cloud services connected to sensors and devices proliferated around the world.


» Security. ioBridge technology leads with security instead of being an afterthought. Our platform is secure from end-to-end, from the device to the cloud. We have encryption and hardware identification models that allow even very low-level devices to be secured, identified, and validated.


» Scalability. When it comes to Internet-services, you need to consider scale. Our technology scales with the rapid release and adoption of your product or application. We have created technology that allows for over 100k devices and applications being serviced simultaneously on one server instance on a standard network interface. What does this mean to you? This means you can get a lot of customers on a lot less. Servers and support for servers cost money. We have driven those costs down to the point that they fall into a marketing budget instead of being a capital expense.


» Stability. ioBridge has dedicated years of research and development to build our patent-pending technologies. We are have been around since the beginning, leading the technology initiatives that are just being identified as revolutionary. It is difficult to separate hype from the current wave and what really exists. We are not in "beta" or just launched. With ioBridge, you are incorporating stable technology to build cloud-service centric products and services that was not previously possible.




We are completely flexible with how you interface with and the ioBridge Cloud. On the device side of, you may operate in three possible configurations:


ioBridge Technology and System Diagram


» Your Device + ioBridge Module. Add our embedded module to your device that makes it incredibly easy to interface with the ioBridge Cloud and leverage real-time web services. Our module includes encryption, network management, and a straightforward hardware level API simplifying development efforts.


» Your Device + ioBridge Firmware. Many of our customers have existing hardware platforms and network connectivity. By installing ioBridge Firmware to your device, you get instant communications with ioBridge and our core services. We also support Android, Embedded Linux, Raspberry Pi, and many other embedded platforms.


» Your Device(s) + ioBridge Gateway. When you are trying to support new features or many devices on a local network, all you need to do is add an ioBridge Powered Gateway to access web services. This is great configuration for large wireless sensor networks, automation systems, or legacy control systems.


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