Products to internet-enable things easily and cost-effectively.

Whether you are a manufacturer, professional or casual user, ioBridge's technology is designed to make it cost effective and easy for everyone to internet-enable almost anything.

Sensors and Actuators

ioBridge offers a range of ioBridge manufactured and third-party sensors and actuators that are compatible with the ioBridge web gateways. These sensors and actuators are typically small circuits that plug directly into one of the web gateway channels.


ioBridge classifies its sensors and actuators into two types. Function Boards that use the analog input or digital inputs and outputs, and Smart Boards that extend the functionality of the web gateway.


Sensors and Actuators Powered by ioBridge Control power outlets with the PowerSwitch Tail ioBridge Temperature Sensor


Function Boards

Function boards are small plug-in circuits that use an I/O channel in it's native I/O mode. The function board may use one or more signal lines (digital in, digital out, analog in). The Function Boards are typically paired with a matching dashboard display or widget that is tailored to suit the function.


» Channel Tester (FB-1) – used to test all the I/O channel signal lines

» Temperature Probe (FB-2) – measures temperature

» DPDT Relay Board (FB-3) – actuates a relay from the digital output

» Ambient Light Sensor (FB-4) – measures light

» Terminal Board (FB-5) – provides screw-terminal style attachment points

» Buzzer Board (FB-6) – emits a 2kHz tone at 85dB

» Serial LCD (FB-7) – display messages using any serial connection

» Humidity Sensor (FB-8) – Measure 0% to 100% relative humidity


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Smart Boards

An ioBridge Smart Board extends the functionality of the host module and provides more complex functionality than function boards.


» Servo Controller Smart Board (SB-1) (IO-204 Only)

» X10 Smart Board (SB-4) (IO-204 Only)

» Serial Smart Board (SB-5) (IO-204 Only)


Please visit our online store to purchase ioBridge Smart Boards.