Products to internet-enable things easily and cost-effectively.

Whether you are a manufacturer, professional or casual user, ioBridge's technology is designed to make it cost effective and easy for everyone to internet-enable almost anything.

Web Gateways


ioBridge offers a range of web gateways or modules that connect devices or products to the internet. ioBridge's standard web gateways require an Ethernet connection and custom Wi-Fi and cellular options are also available. ioBridge's gateway technology is offered both as off-the-shelf units that can be purchased on our online store or as technology that can be integrated into products to internet-enable them. ioBridge's gateway technology is designed to be very low-cost and easy-to-use and typically does not require changes to network settings or firewalls.


ioBridge IO-204 Series


The original ioBridge web gateway modules include the ioBridge IO-204 and the ioBridge IO-204-PRO Monitor and Control Module. Both modules are Ethernet and allow for "plug-and-play" configuration and operation. You can attach sensors or actuators to the Internet in seconds.


ioBridge IO-204     ioBridge IO-204-PRO monitor and control module plus internet gatway


ioBridge iota™ Series


The smallest, most cost effective series. Available as a gateway module and as an embedded SMD device. The iota products include hardware devices, software clients, wireless interfaces, and cloud services. The iota is a highly scalable technology for the Internet of Things. Contact us for more information, volume pricing, and availability.


ioBridge iota Wi-Fi and Ethernet Modules


» Install as hardware module, firmware, or gateway. The iota design is able to be installed as a prepackaged hardware module or ported to your existing platform using firmware. The iota also powers gateways to allow connectivity to many devices.


» Low-cost design. Everything from the hardware, licensing, and cloud services are extremely low for products of any scale. It's important to note that development costs for you and your team are lowered by making it easy to integrate with your platform or for creating new ones.


» Wi-Fi or Ethernet SMD Hardware Modules. When using our drop-in hardware modules, you get immediate connectivity to 99% of home network routers and typical business networks using high encryption and secure tunneling to and from web services.